Blanket and Roller Washes

  • Rotowash 60-1020 : manual and automatic blanket wash with a flashpoint of >61ºC. This wash is aromatic free, non-flammable, with controlled water miscibility. It meets major press and equipment manufacturer specifications, carries relevant approvals and is recyclable.
  • Newswash : non-flammable, water miscible wash, with a flashpoint of >61ºC. High cleaning power and very safe on the rollers and blankets. Corrosion inhibited and approved.
Newspaper Printing Applications
  • Rotowash 60-1482 : is based on high quality, paraffinic, hydrocarbon solvents and meets the stringent approval criteria of many press and equipment manufactuers. It has been developed for automatic washing in heatset and newspaper web printing applications but can also be used for manual applications. It is formulated with the utmost consideration for the safety of operators, press manufacturer approval criteria and cleaning performance.
  • Euro Deglazer: is a specialty wash, designed to clean and deglaze in one easy step. Its water miscibility makes the product economical to use, as water can be added to reduce consumption.

Fountain Solutions

  • Eurofount Range : a proven series of products that are highly efficient and very cost effective, and are especially suited to Turbo and Spray dampened systems. They meet all major press manufacturer specifications, carry relevant approvals, give fast start ups, have broad ink water balance and produce long runs between wash ups.
  • Eurofount R: is a complex fountain solution designed for web offset coldest applications. It has been specifically formulated for the printing of telephone directories.
  • Newsfount : fully MAN approved, corrosion protected fountain solution, particularly suitable for presses equipment with spray and brush dampening systems. Gives fast start ups and clean running with a wide ink-water balance.
  • Newsfount P7: is a pH neutral fount, coldset fount developed for high-speed printing. It has been specifically designed to give premium wetting and fast start ups.
  • Sprint Plus : exceptional performance on Goss Community presses.

Pressroom Consumables

  • Steriliser: is a water based product containing ingredients specifically selected to reduce or eliminate microbes that may reside in the recirculation system of fountain solutions.
  • Antifungal Solution : for flushing and sterilising of the dampening recirculation system. Provides a fast kill to bacteria, fungus and algae that may have build up in the system.
  • Condisal : water hardener, which should be added to soft or RO water to adjust its hardness to the optimum 8-10ºd (German hardness). Reduces ink-water emulsifications and helps to maintain better ink water balance.
  • DLI Wash TS : an excellent microemulsion product for cleaning the dampening rollers of the press. DLI Wash TS will remove ink build up and all other contaminants from the rollers, making them highly water receptive. DLI Wash TS is non-flammable, biodegradable and free from hydrocarbon solvents.
  • Euro Decalcer : a waterbased product, designed to remove calcium and other mineral deposits and build up from printing rollers and blankets. Calcium is often a cause of roller glazing, and roller stripping. Decalcer will effectively, safely and rapidly remove all such roller and blanket contaminants. Decalcer should be used as a regular roller and blanket maintenance product.
  • Safocor 75 : a corrosion protection oil for all parts of printing machines and contains effective inhibition against corrosion of plate cyclinders, blanket cylinders and cylinder bearing. Applicated to the directions of machine manufacturers and daily applied, Safocor 75 guarantees a significantly longer durability of printing presses.
  • Turbo Flush : a product designed to clean and sterilise the dampening recirculation system. Turbo Flush will kill and remove all build up of bacteria, algae, fungus and grime and flush out ink and paper residue build up from the fountain solution recirculation system.


  • VULCAN 202 : Premium coldset blanket for double-width presses incorporating FEEDO® technology
    Available in 1.96 mm +/-0.02 gauge
  • VULCAN Editor 10/20 : Premium coldset blanket for double-width presses incorporating DYNATECH® technology
    Available in 1.96 mm +/-0.02 gauge
  • VULCAN Royal Web K2 : Premium coldset blanket for double-width presses
    Available in 1.96 mm +/-0.02 gauge
  • ROLLIN Folder : Premium coldset blanket for double-width presses incorporating FEEDO® technology
    Available in 1.96 mm +/-0.02 gauge
  • ROLLIN Graffity : Premium coldset blanket for double-width presses
    Available in 1.96 mm +/-0.02 gauge
    ROLLIN Graffity Plus : Premium coldset blanket for single-width and double-width presses
    Available in 1.71 mm +/-0.02 gauge

Post Press Consumables


  • Stitching Wire
  • Strapping
  • Adhesives
  • Shrink Wrap